Programming Cup | Programming Cup – São Paulo 2017: Resume
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Programming Cup – São Paulo 2017: Resume

Programming Cup – São Paulo 2017: Resume

The first edition of Programming Cup happened in São Paulo (Brazil) at PUC-SP with 585 programmers registered, representing 198 Educational Institutions, 9 countries (Brazil, India, Russia, United States, Canada, Bangladesh, China, Azerbaijan and Croatia) and 10 Brazilian regions (São Paulo, Mato Grosso, Amazonas, Roraima, Acre, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro). Physical and on-line teams were all competing in the same contest to be classified in the same ranking. Most of the competitors were from India. Only 9% of the teams, who submitted answers, were able to succeed in all 6 computing challenges.

We’ve got surprised when the ranking showed who were the best programmers of all. Most of them were competing physically and they were so close to Programming Cup organizers, ambassadors, sponsors and support organizations. From top 5 teams, 4 were Brazilians and 2 were physically with us. From top 10, 5 were with us and from top 15, 8 were with us. What a privilege to be with them.

Physical winners awards:
– Online Courses from Faculdade Impacta;
– 8 hours bootcamp and 3 hours workshop in any course from Mastertech;
– e-books from Casa do Código.


Global winners (Team name – Members):

1st place:  FMota Newbie Edition – Felipe Mota (Brazil) – Online competitor

2nd place: Aaaaaaaaaa – Marcos Massayuki Kawakami and Arthur Ferreira do Nascimento (Brazil) – Physical competitor

3rd place: Apocalyptic Reincarnation – Fernando Fonseca (Brazil) – Online competitor

Physical winners (Team name – Members):

1st place: Aaaaaaaaaa – Marcos Massayuki Kawakami and Arthur Ferreira do Nascimento (Brazil)

2nd place: t_ivanilos – Ivan Henrique Costa Petrin (Brazil)

3rd place: Meet in the triddle – Yan Soares Couto and Victor Sena Molero (Brazil)

We’ve defined that we would send gifts to the best online competitors who submitted to our form. They follow below.

Online gifts winners:

1st place: HiredAndFired – Himanshu Jaju and Yogesh Kumar (India)

2nd place:  winter_has_come – Shubham Kothari and Harshali Jain (India)

3rd place:  iscd – Priyanshu Kumar and Shivam Garg (India)



Lenah Sakai